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Reflections on Changing COVID-19 Response Strategy in China
Luzhao Feng, Qing Wang, Weizhong Yang
Available online 23 June 2022
Physical Activity and Asthma
Silvia Pascual, Sandra Dorado, Isabel Urrutia
Available online 17 June 2022
Endobronchial and Vertebral Neoplasms of Unexpected Etiology
Eduardo Solís García, Blanca de Vega Sánchez, Pablo Panadero Meseguer
Available online 15 June 2022
Predicting Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness in Patients with Asthma: The Role of Impulse Oscillometry
Konstantinos Katsoulis, Maria Kipourou, Vitaliano Nicola Quaranta, Konstantinos Kostikas
Available online 15 June 2022
Transbronchial Mediastinal Cryobiopsy in the Diagnosis of Mediastinal Lymph Nodes: A Case Series – How to do it
Miguel Angel Ariza-Prota, Javier Pérez-Pallarés, Alejandro Fernández-Fernández, Francisco López-González, Juan Alejandro Cascón, Lucía García-Alfonso, Héctor Torres-Rivas, Luis Fernández-Fernández, Inmaculada Sánchez, María Gil, Marta García-Clemente
Available online 11 June 2022
Medium- and Long-Term Consequences of SARS-CoV-2 Infection on COPD Patients
Juan Marco Figueira-Gonçalves, Rafael Golpe
Available online 11 June 2022
Disseminated Tuberculosis
Javier Alejandro Teco-Cortes, Minerva Lazos-Ochoa
Available online 11 June 2022
Factors Associated With One-Year Mortality in Hospitalised Patients With Exacerbated Bronchiectasis
G. Scioscia, V. Alcaraz-Serrano, R. Méndez, A. Gabarrús, L. Fernández-Barat, R. Menéndez, P. Tondo, L. Bueno, A. Torres
Available online 11 June 2022
Desensitization to Pirfenidone in a Patient Diagnosed With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Hypersensitivity to Antifibrotic Drugs
Francisco León-Román, Alicia Alonso-Gómez, Alejandra Carrón-Herrero
Available online 11 June 2022
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